Teach is a gathering of educators who think deeply about what it means to be a teacher. We collectively share ideas and explore education theory to practice good teaching.

What’s the problem?

In Pakistan, “anyone”, regardless of qualification or experience can become a teacher.

Well recognised private schools hire teachers without any classroom experience or training. In most cases, student’s with learning difficulties have to split a teacher with a hundred other students. A determined teacher may make time for a struggling student, but what good is this time if the teacher is not trained to address the difficulties faced by the student?

Teach was born to solve this injustice.

Become a RICA Teacher

A RICA teacher is one who is relevant, innovative, clear and authentic in her/his teaching practice. Upon completion of the TEACH programme, you become a RICA Certified Teaching Professional or what we like to call a “RICA Teacher.” Whether you are an experienced teacher or someone who has never set foot in the classroom, our programme prepares you to take on the teaching profession with full confidence and relevant knowledge.

Who Can Apply?

Anyone who wants to share and learn ideas and philosophies of good teaching. Too vague for you? Our programme is designed to concentrate on secondary school teachers (grades 6 to 13). If you are a secondary school teacher, tuition teacher, or just someone who wants to learn about how to become a brilliant teacher then TEACH is made for you.

There are no prerequisites for TEACH. However, our sessions are limited to 15 persons per class. This is largely due to the reflection-based nature of the course.



Interested in Teach?
To learn more about upcoming sessions on TEACH, please see our Apply for Teach page.