NJV School

Founded in 1855, NJV School is the oldest public school in Sindh. Though it has stood the test of time, the operations and academics of the institute have been struggling for the past few decades. Considered to be at the lower end of any intermediate student’s choice of college, NJV School’s reputation has declined over time.

In summer of 2016, Akhuwat Foundation adopted the NJV School from the government based on its reputation of turning around failing schools. Akhuwat approached RICA to take on this exciting opportunity to bring NJV School back to it’s former glory. For us at RICA, this was a no-brainer. Challenge accepted.

Areas of Concentration

  • Teacher Need Assessment
  • Lesson Planning
  • General Knowledge Improvement
  • Mother’s Programme
  • Stabilising Attendance
  • English Development Programme
  • Teacher Training
  • Athletics Programme
  • Academic Counselling
  • Library Management
  • Website and Social Media Presence
  • IT and Infrastructure Development